Sunday, 27 September 2015

Holding on to Summer and Lunar Eclipse/Blood moon


I can't believe it is almost October already. The evenings have suddenly become noticeably darker much earlier and the hedgehogs are coming around earlier too.
All of a sudden this year seems to be flying by and though I hate to mention the 'C' word - I am thinking of Christmas already.
I have a few cards made and have even ordered some presents last week to try and get ahead of the delivery chaos that is sure to happen.
But you don't want to think of that yet do you - we want to try and hold on to our Summer days as long as possible before having to turn our heating on.

Here on the Essex coast we seem to get a fair amount of sunshine when others seem to have bad weather - so I'm told :) and I'm hoping it will be a warm and clear night tonight so as I can go out in the garden and hopefully see the Lunar eclipse/Blood moon as its suppose to be quite spectacular.
From what I can find, in the UK it should kick off properly about with the eclipse lasting till approx. 2.20am-ish....  I just hope I haven't doomed things now with cloud and rain.

What ever you're doing this weekend have fun
and thanks for stopping by
 Gill x


  1. Nice stories of your garden, you even know the names of the flowers, wow! The nights here are colder too, it is definitely going towards autumn. Good luck for the moon eclipse, here it's from 4.30 onward, so I am hoping for clear weather and no rain or clouds! Have a nice afternoon, and hopefully a clear night! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Hi Gibby! I'm glad to have found your wonderful blog!!The idea of the garden diary is great. Do you do that by hand or digitally? I love your fotoes es a well. I'll go no took look around some more...

    1. Thanks so much for the lovely comments. This is just a digital page, I love digital art/scrapping too as it gives quick results :)


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