Monday, 24 June 2013

New blog

Well I never thought I'd have a blog let alone three of them. This one is going to be about tales of feathered garden friends I have known and about hedgehogs, garden life and maybe some poetry and recipes, gibberish jottings about this'n'that...and perhaps the odd craft project ...who the journey begins........

For a while this will be a bit of a work in progress while I am sorting out old diaries where I have kept notes of my encounters with various birds and hedgehogs and also to log new information too.

I warn you now dear reader that I give my birds names - some daft - but easier to identify them in records I've kept. And spending time with some birds and getting to know their personalities; they become like little people and deserve to have a name.

Harold and Madge
Coming soon....the story of Harold and Madge's life in my garden will cover a period of two and a half amazing years with them.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will visit again soon x

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  1. Love your new blog Gill, it looks fab! Looking forward to hearing all about Harold and Madge's adventures! xxx


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